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31-10-2019 | 16:44 Boxing

Deontay Wilder recalls moment of crisis in first Luis Ortiz fight

Deontay Wilder has admitted he ‘had a lot of things to overcome” in the first fight with Luis Ortiz. The Bronze Bomber beat the 40-year-old in March 2018 and the two are set to face off again at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on November 9. Wilder said: "I had a lot of things to overcome in the first one, especially in the seventh round, but it wasn't nothing. 'Keep punching, Deontay, stay close'. "In that round, I was talking to myself and was very clear on what was going on. I was buzzed, highly buzzed, but I had my consciousness and was coaching myself. "I knew if I smothered him, he couldn't release his punches or get enough steam to hit me flush. When I survived the seventh round and came out for the eighth, Ortiz charged me. I made sure to come back with two punches, not to hurt him, but to let him know that 'I'm still here'." Asked if he was in major trouble in the seventh round, Wilder said: "Most definitely. I know what I can do. But I have to prove to people each and every time. I accept that challenge. Since a little boy, I had to prove to people. They never believed in me. Same thing here, it ain't no different. "I get satisfaction from a certain type of person wrong because they don't understand what they see. One thing about Deontay Wilder? He walk it like he talk it. After the fight, I said: 'It has to be a rematch'."

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