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21-08-2019 | 15:31 Boxing

Deontay Wilder opens up on Tyson Fury, Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder, who has held the WBC crown since January 2015, destroyed fellow American Dominic Breazeale inside the first round on May 18. The Bronze Bomber is now looking forward to the future and has announced his next two fights. In an interview with GQ, Wilder has opened up on Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz and his rematch with Tyson Fury. Tell me about Andy Ruiz. Andy Ruiz. Andy Ruiz. First off, I congratulated him before, on my Instagram. I was very happy. I tuned into his post-press conference, and one thing that stuck to me was when he said, "Mama, we don't have to suffer no more." That's big for me, because I come from a world of struggle. I come from a world of hardship, being the statistics of society. People telling you you're not going to be nothing. But you've got to overcome something. And I overcame it all. It's just amazing just to be where I am, to have to go through so much negativity. And you would think I would be a negative person right now, but I'm totally the opposite. Because I won. I won. In life, I won with my family. I'm winning. So, that's the ultimate thing. I’m happy. I'm happy the heavyweight division's blooming. I'm a part of it. What more can I ask? So, Ruiz— Ruiz. Oh, yeah. I'm going on about myself, man. So how about the other guy in the ring with Ruiz? [Anthony] Joshua. What can I say about him? I like Joshua. He's a good fighter. But the way he lost? For me, he quit. When you’re spitting out your mouthpiece, that's just a mechanism to get more oxygen, to get more time to rest. This man went straight to his corner. You're not supposed to do this. This is not a time-out. And the ref told him, "This ain't no time-out." But he's used to that, because he's used to getting away with certain things in his country. At one point, he took the tape off his own gloves, and they gave him time to sit up there and do that. Like, where do you do that? This is boxing. So he spit his mouthpiece out. He walks to the neutral corner. And the ref said, "Son, come. This is not a break. This is not a break." And he’s still with his hands up, like, "Oh, come on, come on." The other indication that he was done: He looks over to his corner as the ref is talking. That's another indication, right? I'm trying to find a way out. The ref gave him multiples of chances. And then he just waved it off. And the first thing you do as a fighter, of course, because we're the biggest actors there is, when a referee waves it off and you're looking at your corner, the first thing you're going to do is act like you still want it. At least pretend. You've got to. You've got to. And for me, he quit. He gave up. He was looking for a way out, because he didn't have no answer for Ruiz. They overlooked him, and he had a lot of pressure coming here to America. This is the Mecca of boxing here, in America. All the money is here in America. And they overlooked it, because they was on their high horse, with what they was doing in England. But it ain't over for him. Just because he lost one time, that doesn't mean it's over. A lot of people think it's be-all, end-all when you lose. But that's not the case. That's how you become— You’ve got [Luis] Ortiz next. And Tyson Fury after that. During the last Ortiz fight, you looked great. Do you feel like you have something to prove when it comes to fighting Tyson Fury again? Not necessarily. Just, I feel like it was taken away—my knockout. The referee said that he didn't go off of the rules of boxing. He went off of the spirit of boxing. And I would love to know what that means. I'm an optimistic person. I'm rarely pessimistic about a situation. So, with this situation, it's going to be good. It's going to be great for the next time, and I can't wait to really do what I've got to do and knock him out again. But this time he's going to be counted out. Source- GQ

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