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13-01-2020 | 18:36 Boxing

Deontay Wilder open to UFC crossover fight

Deontay Wilder has admitted that he is ready to have a potential crossover fight against a UFC Champion in future. The WBC heavyweight champion is due to have a rematch with Tyson Fury on February 22. The 34-year-old, who intends to retire aged 40, told ThaBoxingVoice: “I only have six years and theoretically speaking anything can happen in that timeframe. “I’ve spoke out about that before, of course, for me I’ll fight you in my sport and I’ll come to your sport and do it too. I feel MMA, they allow you to get on top of your opponent and bash his face in with velocity and speed coming downwards. “Four-ounce gloves, I already talk about getting people out of the ring, but that would definitely be the sport where I show it man. It’s just different rules, different things, I’m built with a set of skills, I have a lot of intellect and a lot of knowledge of combat, period. “So I see all the MMA guys always come to boxing because in boxing you have to stand on your feet, you have to be a motherf***ing man for 36 minutes. But I wouldn’t mind going into his world as well too. One for one. May the best man win. “But you know, all this is fantasy talk. I don’t think anything nothing will every come to fruition, I’m just too dangerous of a man in any type of combat sports. I really would end a life because I have the power to, and that’s just the damn truth.” Source- talkSport

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