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Deontay Wilder denies that Tyson Fury is winning the mental battle

Deontay Wilder defends WBC heavyweight title against Tyson Fury on Saturday. The two fighters became embroiled in a melee at their final press conference.

However, Wilder and his team deny that the scuffle with Fury at the end of the press conference exposed  weakness in the WBC heavyweight Champion.

“People always to make you explain things because they do not understand, they do not come from the same culture or world, they do not feel the same heartaches and pains,” Wilder said afterwards.

“People see it every day but are blind to it. It’s still going on today and people say ‘why are they so mad?’ If it happened to you or your culture then you would understand but people stick to their own naive way. This man talks about history, that he comes from a fighting tribe of 200 years, but we have been doing it for 400 years. I cannot even watch the news, do we deserve it? What have we done to people? I commend him on his accomplishments so far, but I am putting the end to it. He has never faced anyone with my power.”

“If Fury’s team think all that stuff was a sign of weakness then I cannot wait to show them strength on Saturday. They know it was not weakness they just needed something to say. You can sense fear, I know the look and the smell and he is scared and he should be.

“We do not play around, we put our lives on the line and I am a very dangerous person and I am in the right sport to be dangerous. The promotion has been amazing and I thank God for Tyson Fury because I have had to promote all of my old opponents. They were too scared to say what they would do. This event is big for me, all the guys before brought something to the table to take me to the next level. A lot of people doubted me before I fought a certain calibre of fighter… I want you to witness greatness.”

Deontay Wilder screams in the face of reporters (VIDEO)