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“Deadly”: Rio Ferdinand sends social media message to Sergio Aguero ahead of Manchester City exit

Rio Ferdinand , former Manchester United man

Image source: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has sent a social media message to Sergio Aguero ahead of the player’s exit from Manchester City.

After a 10-year spell at Etihad, the Argentina international is set to leave the club at the end of the season.

And Ferdinand, who used to play in the attacker’s rival club, shared his memories with Aguero, posting a picture on Instagram and writing: “Agueroooooooooooo

This name, this goal, this moment still hits me at times when I least expect it like a bolt out the blue!

Our closest rivals just across the city, snatching the PL title from out of our hands – bearing in mind our game had just finished and we had won our game….what was the score in City’s game…they need a goal with seconds to go….surely we have won…I think we have done it…..then…. Agueroooooooooo.

Absolutely floored, distraught, devastated….a whole season demolished in the final seconds of the last game.

What I will say is that as much as I hated the outcome I never hated(or disliked) Sergio for his moment – like I thought I would.

Why?? I think how humble & chilled he seems plays a big part but as much or more is how much I respect him as a footballer. He is one of the hardest strikers I have ever marked. So elusive, so quick, strong, two feet capable of hitting the ball cleanly with, great movement and a clear belief that he will score that seeps out through his paws!

When a striker can face you up and comfortably go both ways(left or right) it’s a BIG problem for a defender.

He was direct once he had the ball and and his 1st thought was how do I get a yard to create space to shoot – so as a defender he always had you on the edge and you had to have total concentration to make sure you knew where he was at all times.


Rivalries put to one side for a moment, Sergio Aguero is one of the best PL strikers of all time no doubts.

Snatched the PL trophy from under my nose but respect when respect is due!

Good Luck for the future @kunaguero”. 


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