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David Haye breaks down why Anthony Joshua is the only heavyweight who has a chance of beating Tyson Fury

Boxing promoter David Haye

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David Haye thinks, Anthony Joshua is the only heavyweight who has a chance of beating Tyson Fury.

Fury established himself as boxing’s premier heavyweight when he knocked out Deontay Wilder to claim the WBC world title in February.

Haye told Boxing Social: “I just think the only person who has the artillery, the skill set, the athleticism, the clean living, the know-how, the experience, to have a chance to beat Fury is Anthony Joshua.

“I think he’s the only person right now, realistically, most people would say if anyone’s got a chance I’m putting it on Anthony Joshua. So, he’s the only guy who has the tools to do it. I think if he lands his shots on Fury, the way Fury’s been put down before – his chin looked good last time out – but Anthony Joshua is a master boxer as well.

“I think people underestimate his boxing skill. He hasn’t been boxing as long as Fury has, so he’s still learning. I don’t know, I can see Fury outboxing Joshua long, on the inside, but then again I can see the middle-range of Joshua letting his hands go.

“He throws such crisp shots, uppercuts, hooks. The way he knocked out Alexander Povetkin, the fight was uncomfortable for him for a couple o rounds but when he put his shots together, it was over.

“As soon as he starts tagging people, he’s got a hell of a lot of explosivity in his body. He’s big, strong, robust. The fight he lost against Andy Ruiz Jr didn’t flatter him in any way.

“It wasn’t like he lost on a split decision. It was a horrible loss and I think people look at that and think, ‘Ah, he lost to him.’ Boxing doesn’t work like that.

“I lost to Carl Thompson in my eleventh fight, but then three years later I’m undisputed number one. It doesn’t matter, as long as you learn from that, you can come back.”

Source: TalkSport

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