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DARTS: Czech Premier League- Round 6. Preview and Odds

2020 Tipsport Premier League is currently underway in the Czech Republic and it's the first edition of the tournament. The idea to play this tournament was created during coronavirus pandemic. It is a great opportunity for players to practice and gain experience. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all players will play from their homes. The tournament contains two phases and play-off round. In the first phase of the competition (9 rounds), ten players play each other. The two bottom players are eliminated from the competition. In the second phase of the competition (7 rounds), eight remaining players play again each other. The bottom four players in the league table are eliminated from the competition, while the first four players in the league table qualify for the Play-off. he top four players in the league table contest the two knockout semi-finals with 1st playing 4th and 2nd playing 3rd. The semi-finals are first to 10 legs (best of 19). The two winning semi-finalists meet in the final which is also best of 19. Currently, players heading to the sixth round of phase 1. The games will take place on April 22 and 23.

Michal Ondo VS David Písek

After five rounds, Ondo, 35, has two points. He is currently seventh in the list of players with two victories. He is nicknamed Máchal. Pisek, meanwhile, is fifth with three victories. Pisek is younger than Ondo, he is 22 years old. His nickname is Šterk. VBET Odds
  • Michal Ondo: 2.34
  • David Pisek: 1.53

David Rosí VS Adam Gawlas

Rosi, 37, is currently 10th in the league with only one victory. He is nicknamed Čárli and will face 22-year-old Gawlas. Gawlas is currently fourth in the list with three victories. VBET Odds
  • David Rosi: 6.90
  • Adam Gawlass: 1.07

Pavel Jirkal VS Ondřej Kysilka

The 37-year-old Jirkal will face the 32-year-old Kysilka. Jirkal is currently in ninth place with only one victory. Kysilka, meanwhile, is sixth with three victories. VBET Odds
  • Pavel Jirkal: 2.39
  • Ondřej Kysilka: 1.51

Alexander Mašek VS Vítězslav Sedlák

Masek, 29 will face the 29-year-old Sedlak in the sixth round. Masek has two victories and currently eighth in the league, while Sedlak is third with three victories. VBET Odds:
  • Alexander Mašek: 2.59
  • Vítězslav Sedlák: 1.44

Daniel Barbořák VS Michal Šmejda

This game will the most interesting. Barborak, 33, is the current leader of the tournament as he has four victories. His opponent, Smejda, meanwhile, is in the second place with three victories. VBET Odds:
  • Daniel Barbořák: 1.85
  • Michal Šmejda: 1.85
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