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Dani Alves:”Criticising is a weapon of the weak.”

Neymar was a regular target for criticism during the World Cup, but he has been defended by his compatriot Dani Alves.
“I think so [it was over the top],” Alves told reporters at an auction and gala hosted by Neymar.

“Everything Neymar does turns into news. If he gets emotional, they criticise. If he colours his hair, they criticise. I want to see these people in Neymar’s place.We have to focus on the things that make us mature and that help us become a real man. The rest is only silly things.I wish everyone who talked about Neymar would do things like he does here [the auction event],”Alves conitnued.

The Brazil international was injured in February and was in a doubt for the World Cup. But he managed to overcome his injury and came to Russia to help his country.

“Criticising is a weapon of the weak. I believe that we football players always strive to do the best for the group and for our team-mates.Those who know Neymar know his great quality and how special he is. And I insist again, we have to take care of players like that, they illuminate football. It’s players like him that make football have any sense.But as I said, criticising Neymar and players of that level is easy; what’s difficult is to do what they do,”added Alves.