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Dani Alves hails Pep Guardiola as a genius

Image source: Getty Images

Brazil football star Dani Alves has considered Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola as a “genius.”

The former Barcelona coach has led the club into three La Ligas, two Copa Del Rey, two Club World Cup, two UEFA Super Cup, three Spanish Super Cup and two Champions Leagues titles.

Working side by side with Guardiola at Barcelona, Alves has explained the reason of the coach’s success.

He told CNN: “I think Pep is a genius. A genius that football gave us as a gift, as a coach, as a person. How he got the best out of every player – those that played a lot, those that didn’t play as much – creating a synergy with a lot of respect between those inside the team. That puts him in a very special position in my life and a very particular position. I think he’s a nonconformist genius, a methodical genius, a perfectionist genius and I think that makes him unique. Wherever he goes, he can win more or he can win less, but I think a player that works with him will never be the same. Every day is a learning [curve], it’s a class like you were going to college. It’s a discipline because you learn something more.”

The 36-year-old right-back was a free-agent this summer after his release from Paris Saint-Germain and now he’s playing for Brazilian side São Paulo.

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