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Karine Grigoryan

21-12-2019 | 15:58 Basketball

D’Angelo Russell on what he’s learned from Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant

Golden State Warriors celebrated their 6th win of the season with a 106-102 victory over New Orleans Pelicans. D’Angelo Russell's final four shots were integral in the Warriors' victory as one of his last two shots tied the game and the other gave his side a lead. After the game, Russell spoke out on what he’s learned from Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant. “Experience is key in this league,” said Russell. “I’ve been in positions where you’re down, and with 10-minutes left, you just see a player take over a game and just think it’s over as a young player.” “I just remember moments specifically playing against Chris Paul— he would pass and have a strategy for the first quarter, the second quarter was a different strategy, the fourth quarter was kind of his, and he remembered.” “Also, I remember Kobe saying things like that as well— remember that shots going to be there at the end of the game, and stuff of that sort,” Russell added. “That’s just experience, honestly.” https://twitter.com/Con_Chron/status/1208277948224036865?s=20 source - Warriors Wire

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