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Curry on officiating in their 131-130 loss to Timberwolves: ‘It’s kind of embarrassing’

Golden State Warriors lost 131-130 to Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday.

Warrirors’ superstar Stephen Curry wasn’t happy with their. He spoke on a technical foul forward Draymond Green received in a post game interview, calling it “embarrassing.”

“The fact that Draymond got a tech for saying ‘Oh we can’t talk to y’all tonight?’, “It’s kind of embarrassing in terms of like, we’re supposed to have that communication,” Curry said. “Nobody was being demonstrative (or) disrespectful in any sense.

“As long as you’re not, you know, cursing someone out or being disrespectful, that communication should be there. For the most part all year it’s been pretty solid.”

Golden State Warriors’ upcoming game will be against Charlotte Hornets on Sunday.

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