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Could ‘Premflix’ have an Impact on Football Betting?

What Influence could ‘Premflix’ have on Football Betting?

One of the Premier League’s most flamboyant ex-chairmen, Simon Jordan, is once again making headlines. He has long been a proponent of a Netflix-style streaming service that is solely based around showing PL games. He renewed his call for a ‘Premflix’ on a recent radio show and now there is a debate on how this could affect football betting in the UK.

Currently, fans may have to pay for multiple different channels to access all the games and even then, streaming may be unreliable, with many games purely shown on TV – meaning they don’t watch as many matches as they’d like. With a solid streaming service and games available on all mobile devices, consumption would surely rise.

With the biggest football bets already accounting for nearly a third of remote gross gambling yield across the UK, this figure will surely rise with access to this all-inclusive football streaming service.

Furthermore, things like in-play betting could also rise, as punters see the games live and have a chance to act on their gut feelings. This service, which would net the Premier Leauge £24 billion, according to Jordan, will revolutionise the way people see the League, and it is expected that most bets in the future will be placed on mobile devices. The desktop is already a waning product, and this will be another nail in its coffin.