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Christian Pulisic makes Chelsea fans a promise over the pressure of playing for Frank Lampard

Image source: Getty Images

Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic has admitted that he sometimes does feel the pressure.

Pulisic, 21, seen as one of the few American players to be successful in European football.

The player made his international debut for the USA at just 17-years-old.

He scored 19 goals, created 26 in 127 appearances for Borussia Dortmund, and arrived at Chelsea in the summer.

“It makes you feel really good at the beginning to be honest, you feel great, you see all these things, people talking about you on social media; ‘wow this kid is great, he’s special, he’s playing, he’s scoring goals at 17 or 18 years old for his national team, he’s playing for Dortmund in Europe.’ You feel really great and then it’s more just pressure you to feel like all the stuff is kind of hitting you, and you start being expected to do all of these things,” he told the Player’s Tribune .

“This generation can be tough, for young players especially, having people talk about you, having constant pressure on your back. Especially as Americans, we haven’t had a lot of top international talents throughout our years. If you’re not able to tune it out then it can be a weight on your shoulders. I think there are obstacles, I think not a lot of American players have really proved themselves in Europe and I think when you’re an American player and you’re trying to prove yourself amongst all these European guys or international guys that are top players who have played in these big competitions, not a whole lot of Americans have been there, it can be tough.”

Pulisic has had a difficult start to life at Stamford Bridge, having been dropped to the bench for the last four Premier League games.

If you can play, you can play and that why Dortmund was amazing for me, the coach always trusted me. But you’ve got to prove yourself maybe that extra mile,” he said. “I have to prove myself no matter what age I am. I don’t feel like I’m some wonder boy anymore, I’ve been around and I think I’ve earned that respect at least and I’m in a new chapter and I’m going to prove myself.”

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