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Christian Horner slams Max Verstappen’s dad with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel claim

Image source: Getty Images

Christian Horner blasts Max Verstappen dad Jos with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel claim.

The Red Bull chief is confirmed he will be able to keep Verstappen with his team.

Jos, a father of Max, has hinted his son could leave Red Bull if the situation does not improve.

“Max is a very different person to his father. He sees the bigger picture,” Horner told “He was in Sakura [before the Japanese GP] and he has seen what is coming, and the commitment of Honda to the development of the engine, and to F1. In the factory, he sees what is going on, so I think racing dads, unfortunately, can sometimes get a bit excited. It is very much within our control. He is very happy with the team environment. He wants to realise his ambitions here and it is down to us to provide him with a platform with which to do that. I am confident and hopeful that we can.”

“It will have to be. Max, Lewis [Hamilton] and Sebastian [Vettel] are all out of contract at the end of 2020, so three of the four big players are in the open market,” Horner added. “Inevitably all of them will wait to see the relative performance of their individual teams during the course of next year, and I would say the first half of next year.”

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