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Chris Wilder reveals what makes Jurgen Klopp different

Image source: Getty Images

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder explains what makes Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp different from other Premier League managers.

Blades played with Liverpool over the weekend and Reds got all three points thanks to Georginio Wijnaldum’s single goal.

Wilder revealed that both he and Klopp sat down for a beer after the match and he shared his thoughts on him by saying:

“I’m not a connoisseur of champagne, I don’t really drink a lot, to be honest, but it was great to sit in a room with him. We’ve had a beer and chatted about the game. It’s quite refreshing because I don’t get that feel with some managers in the Premier League, which is disappointing. We’ve always had an open-door policy here, so it is good to chat.”

After this weekend matches Liverpool are leaders of the Premier League table with 21 points.

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