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Chinese Taipei: SBL Final. Yulon Luxgen Dinos VS Taiwan Beer. Preview and Odds

Image source: FIBA

Chinese Taipei basketball tournament is currently underway in Taiwan. SBL is the first tier semi-professional men’s basketball league in Taiwan. It was founded in 2003.

The Yulon Luxgen Dinos and Taiwan Beer meet Thursday morning in Super Basketball League basketball final.

Taiwan Beer reached the final after victories in two previous stages, while Yulon Luxgen Dinos played semi-final series with Pauian.

The final contains six series and the teams have already played five of them. Yulon Luxgen Dinos won three games, while Taiwan Beer won twice.

The Yulon Luxgen Dinos absolutely dominated game five of this series, which included outscoring Taiwan Beer by 21 points between the second and third quarters.

Yulon Luxgen Dinos are averaging 88.8 points on 51.9 per cent shooting and allowing 86.4 points on 48.6 per cent shooting.

Taiwan Beer, meanwhile, are averaging 78.1 points on 51.7 per cent shooting and allowing 78.3 points on 47.9 per cent shooting.

VBET Odds for Match Winner:

  • Yulon Luxgen Dinos: 2.33
  • Taiwan Beer: 1.60

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