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Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association Season One: Week 4. Preview and Odds

Image source: Hotspawn

Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association (CDA) was established by eight Chinese teams Vici Gaming, LGD Gaming, Invictus Gaming, Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up, EHOME, Newbee and Keen Gaming.

It’s created to improve the training quality of the team and the determination of the players during the coronavirus pandemic. And also to prepare for the official league system.

10 teams are participating in the tournament, 8 of them are invited, while the other two teams are from Qualifier Stage.

All teams play in a Bo3 Single-Robin format. Winner of Bo3 series gets 1 point and the points indicate the ranking.

The B/P advantage and side selection, meanwhile, will be determined by a pre-match SOLO mid contest instead of the traditional coin toss.

The base prize pool for the tournament is ¥400,000.

Only one week remains for the teams to secure their rankings before the end of the event and here are the preview of the last fourth week.

Invictus Gaming VS Royal Never Give Up
Date: April 14

Invictus Gaming are currently fourth in the rating, with 4 victories and 2 defeats in 6 games. Their latest victory was over Keen Gaming.

Royal Never Give Up, meanwhile, are seventh with two victories and three defeats after 5 games.

VBET Odds:

  • Invictus Gaming: 2.18
  • Royal Never Give Up: 1.65
Image Source: OneEsports

Keen Gaming VS Team Aster
Date: April 14

Keen Gaming are currently the outsider of the tournament. They are 10th in the standings with 5 defeats in five games.

Team Aster are eight, as they have 5 defeats and one victory after six games.

VBET Odds:

  • Keen Gaming: 3.53
  • Team Aster: 1.28
Image Source: DotAfrog

Vici Gaming VS Sparking Arrow Gaming
Date: April 15

Vici Gaming will face a tough opponent in their next outing. Vici, are currently third with four victories and one defeat.

They will face Sparing Arrow Gaming, who are currently unbeaten after 3 weeks of CDA League Season 1, they have six victories out of six.

VBET odds:

  • Vici Gaming: 1.27
  • Sparking Arrow: 3.61
Image Source: EGamersWorld

Ocean VS Keen Gaming
Date: April 15

Ocean gaming are currently ninth in the standing and they will face Keen Gaming, after they clash with Team Aster.

VBET odds:

  • Ocean: 3.09
  • Keen Gaming: 1.35

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