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Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester City: How much each clubs make for winning, drawing and losing in the Champions League

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have all won this week in their group stage of the Champions League, while another English side Tottenham suffered a heavy defeat to Bayern Munich with a score of 7-2.

However, the game is not about the victories or defeats as there are a prospect of pocketing an absolute fortune.

For example, City, Liverpool and Chelsea earned a combined £7.2million, as UEFA pay clubs £2.4m each for a win in the group stage alone.

  • A draw worth £900.000.
  • Champions League prize money revealed
  • Group Stage win: £2.4m
  • Group Stage draw: £900,000
  • Round of 16: £8.4m
  • Quarter-final: £9m
  • Semi-final: £10.6m
  • Final: £13.35m
  • Additional £3.5m for the winners

Manchester City and Dinamo Zagreb charged by UEFA