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Charles Leclerc feels that he’s “very lucky” to have Sebastian Vettel as his team-mate

Image source: Getty Images

Ferrari diver Charles Leclerc says, that he is lucky to have Sebastian Vettel as his team-mate.

Leclerc and Vettel are not in the best relationship this season, especially after the Russian Grand Prix.

However, Leclerc, who joined Ferrari this season to replace Kimi Raikkonen, insisted that as young driver, to have someone to watch and learn from, as Sebastian Vettel is vital for him.

“It’s a bit new to me to look at next year’s car because until now I have been changing teams every year,” he told Channel 4.

“But at the moment I’m learning from that and I think it really helps to have Seb next to me who is used to these type of things, to see how he works on the development of the car, what is the key things to say to the engineer.

“There are so many things that you can say to an engineer, but if you say all of those things, you can confuse them a little bit, so you need to choose what you want to say, and at this Seb is helping quite a lot.”

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