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Call of Duty League Championship DLC cosmetics now live in all platforms

Call of Duty League Championship DCL

Image source: Dot Esports

Some new cosmetic DLC packs are now live on all platforms, featuring items that sport the logos of CDL teams and even personalized signatures of CoD pros. The CDL Champs 2020 Pack includes 55 player signature stickers, featuring the signatures of pros from 11 of the 12 CDL teams. There are also two weapon charms, three calling cards, three emblems, and three sprays.

The pack includes weapon blueprints, too—a legendary assault rifle blueprint, a legendary sniper blueprint, and a legendary handgun blueprint.  All of that for $14.99 is a decent deal. It can be found on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and stores by searching for “CDL Champs 2020.”

The second pack, the CDL Team Supporter Pack, features 12 calling cards, 12 emblems, and 12 sprays—one of each for each CDL team. That DLC is on sale for $4.99.

The CDL Championship will be played online in August.

Source- Dot Esports

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