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BOXING DAY: When and who are set to face Arsenal, Man Untd, Man City and Liverpool

Tight schedule and leaders’ misfires

According to tradition, Boxing Day matches were played between local opponents which gave them chance to stay at homeland and not to cross long distance.

In English Premier League the Boxing Day schedule gives most fun to supporters not players as they should do their best and physically be ready for the tight matches during all 4 tours.

Tour 1: The matches are played on weekend on December 21-23.

Tour 2: The matches are played following Christmas day – on December 26.

Tour 3: On the Eve of New Year – December 30-32.

Tour 4: In New Year.

Boxing Day is a very dangerous period for top leaders as not all of them can escape injuries.

The main problem:  The problem is the schedule which is tight, players’ physical form and benched players.

Many scored goals

Premier League Boxing Day is often full of crazy results.

In 1963 on December 26 in first division 66 goals were scored in 10 matches, while in 4 divisions wholly taken – 160 goals.

On the next day famous newspaper Тhe Daily Mail posted “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Crazy Boxing Day football” as fans saw extraordinary Premier League football – 3 pokers, 3 hat-tricks, 8 doubles and 4 red cards.

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