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Alla Zakarian

11-04-2019 | 13:42 Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestone: “Hamilton causes Vettel mental block”

Bernie Ecclestone insists his friend Sebastian Vettel remains underestimated. “People underestimate him. He will find a way out of the low he’s in. I’ve thought a lot about it, because I really like Sebastian and he is my friend. He often makes silly mistakes when he’s fighting Lewis. It’s like a mental block for him. Sebastian really respects Lewis and wants to do better than him. In Bahrain, he could have overtaken him later because his car was faster,” Ecclestone said. Ecclestone is confident the 31-year-old has the ability to win as many titles as Michael Schumacher did. He thinks if he leaves Ferrari, he will leave F1 as well. He won’t change teams, he will end his career,” Ecclestone said. “And I think not much is needed for that to happen. Sebastian has a happy family life and does not want to formula one to put him out of balance.”


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