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Bernardo Silva explains why Manchester City have nothing to prove under Pep Guardiola

Image source: Getty Images

Bernardo Silva says Manchester City have nothing to prove to anyone after their run of success under Pep Guardiola.

City are five points behind league leaders and title rivals Liverpool after Norwich defeat 3-2.

“People can criticise and say what they want,” said Bernardo. “We don’t need to prove anything to anyone, after what we’ve done the last two seasons. We’re relaxed. Of course, we’re not happy, because we want to do better and we know losing against Norwich isn’t ideal, but all teams have good and bad moments.

“It’s impossible to stay three seasons, only with good moments. Sometimes you will have bad moments and it’s the way you react to those bad moments that show and proved how good a team you are and that’s what we’ll try to do. Every time we’ve had bad moments in the past, we’ve always reacted well, and that’s what we’ll try to do again.”

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