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Benji Marshall makes bold claim over Tim Sheens replacing Michael Maguire as Tigers head coach

Benji Marshall makes bold claim over Tim Sheens replacing Michael Maguire as Tigers head coach

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Benji Marshall has agreed with Tigers legend Benny Elias’ in replacing Michael Maguire with Tim Sheens as head coach and has urged his former club to find their “vision.”

Elias called on the Wests Tigers to give four-time premiership-winning coach Tim Sheens the head coaching position for next season.

And Marshall, who played 257 games for the Tigers, supported the idea. however, he thinks it’s paramount that the club figures out why it can’t seem to attract star players.

“I think it’s a really good move,” Marshall told NRL 360.


“Tim’s really good with juniors and development, teaching the basics and bringing the young guys through — I know that first-hand. Also he’s overlooked the system before where he’s signed new players, got the Tigers out of a similar position back in 2003 when he started and won a competition in 2005.


“But I think for the Tigers, they need to figure out what’s stopping them from attracting big players. Is it the fact that they haven’t had success? Or is there a disconnect between players not wanting to go there?


“Because if you look at teams like the Bulldogs, they haven’t had success but they’ve been able to sign a lot of good players or have vision for players to come to. I think for the Tigers, they need to find out what that vision is and try to sell that to players and make is a place that people want to go as well.


“I haven’t spoken to anyone specifically who was thinking about going there but just from the outside looking in, there’s obviously a lot of media pressure on the Tigers, a lot of things get reported and just at the moment it seems like it’s not a happy place.


“Players, all the good ones, want to go to a place where they can see a vision or a line that the club’s going to take that they might want to be a part of and at the moment the Tigers seem to have a lot of negativity around them and they need to find a way to get out of it.”

The Tigers are now undergoing an internal review after a horror 38-nil loss to wooden spooners, the Bulldogs, capped off a hugely disappointing season.

Source – Fox Sports

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