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Bayern Munich and Pep Guardiola could spark managerial “craziness”

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Niko Kovac’s departure from Bayern Munich could mean “craziness will break out in the coaching world” over the summer, according to The Athletic.

Hansi Flick has been given the reins at the Bundesliga club on an interim basis.

According to  The Athletic, ‘a well-placed source’ has told them that “[Mauricio] Pochettino would be the preferred solution”.

Bayern would ideally want a German-speaking manager which would be a “drawback” to appointing Pochettino, with PSG’s Thomas Tuchel and former Arsenal boss Arene Wenger both reportedly in the frame.

However, the real “craziness” in the managerial would come if Pep Guardiola leaves Manchester In the summer.

“Everyone is waiting on the carousel to start moving and Guardiola leaving City would do that,” the source said.

“It feels like things are changing there. His wife has returned to Barcelona and she is more than his wife — she organises his whole world. Everything around him. It must have been a very hard decision and I feel that, for the first time, City are preparing for either eventuality: Pep stays or Pep leaves. Previously, it was only ‘Pep stays’.

“I was speaking to a top coach and he said he will never take over a team that Pep Guardiola has just trained. The whole structure of a club, from A to Z, is built around him and you cannot just take over his legacy because everything is built up to his working style. You need at least two or three years to renew everything so you can start working your own way.”

Source- Football365


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