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13-05-2019 | 14:15 Football

Azerbaijani writer hits back at Jurgen Klopp’s critics about Europa League final's venue

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has reacted to the decision to host this season’s Europa League final between Arsenal and Chelsea at Baku’s Olympic Stadium and named it ‘irresponsible’. Klopp insisted he has greater sympathy with supporters of Arsenal and Chelsea who will have to make near 6,000-mile round trips, assuming they can secure a ticket given both clubs have only been allocated 6,000 each by UEFA. Azerbaijani national writer Chingiz Abdulaev has hit back at Jurgen Klopp’s recent comments on Europa League final venue. “These guys who make the decisions I don’t know what they have for breakfast really. How can you do it?” Klopp said. “Now I want to ask Jurgen Klopp. What he had for breakfast when he afforded such caddish remarks? “I just want to remind the German that the ideology of national socialism was based on the division of peoples into “Aryans” and second-class ones, to be destroyed - Slavons, Jews, Gypsies. “No, of course, he does not make such wild statements. But these are elements of disregard towards other nation,” Chingiz wrote. The writer also referred to the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain about being careful in Baku. “The UK has made a special contribution to the culture and development of civilization with its language, its history, its literature, music, science. And my respect for this country is immense. But to make a statement that tourists should be wary of nightly attacks in Baku, is somehow too incorrect. Show me any bars and restaurants foreigners were robbed in recent years. At least a few? Or do you need to prove that Baku is a safer city than London, in some areas of which it’s really better not to go at night? Today Baku is one of the safest cities among the CIS countries. In recent years we have held so many international events that were broadcast to the whole world. “And I have not heard of incidents concerning foreigners. Rather than the opposite. It will be necessary to be afraid of the riot of English fans, with many of them restricted from entering Continental Europe. It’s not good, gentlemen neither honest. I am not a patriot or nationalist but when they defiantly and unjustly offend my country and my people, I simply cannot be silent, ” he concluded. Source: Haqqin.az

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