Axel Tuanzebe opens up on desire to Manchester United captaincy and reveals advice he got from Rooney

Manchester United youngster Axel Tuanzebe in an interview with Manchester Evening News talks about his captaincy desire and tells tips he got from Wayne Rooney. Tuanzebe, who is only 21 years old, has been captain in every age group throughout his Manchester United career. "It's a personal ambition of mine,” says Red Devils’ defender, “I've captained every age group of my Manchester United career. I started from Under-11s... maybe even younger, actually. Under-9s. So to captain one last team would be a great personal achievement for myself. Marcus [Rashford] has always been there as well, in terms of he has a different way to lead and different types of leadership. I'd always speak to people and bring the best out of them with simple words and I would also try and demonstrate on the pitch.” 21-year-old also shared a moment when he wasn’t picked to start in 2017 Europa League final and couple players including Wayne Rooney came up to him and said;  “We know you've been playing well and you should at least deserve to be on the bench, but don't worry about it. The team have to win, you'll get your chance and your opportunities will come. Just from then, to have someone to look out for me like that on a personal level - because he knew how I felt it inside - it was great and just eased me and put everything aside. Just following those leadership skills, where he put his ego aside and it was for the good of the team." Tuanzebe is being praised by his current coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he describes him as “the future of Manchester United.

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