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Arsene Wenger: “We have to win every game”

Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger insists that he will pursue a top-four spot as long as it is a mathematical possibility for his side this season.

The London club climbed back into the sixth position after defeating Middlesbrough 2-1 on Monday night.

When asked about the rest of the season, the 67-year-old specialist said: “I don’t know. For us, the clarity is there.

“We have to win every game to have a chance to get into the top four and starting tonight. I think we give a bit more, made it seem a bit more serene, you could see that on some occasions we were a bit overcautious tonight and played with the situation we are not used to, and hopefully that will give us a bit more confidence.”

Regarding a Champions League spot, Wenger added: “Yes. Mathematically it is still possible even if it is difficult, but we have to give it a go.”