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10-05-2018 | 16:06 Football

Arsene Wenger : “I can leave a club where I can be proud of what’s behind me."

After 22 years of being the manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger says goodbye to the team. Today he is giving his last pre-match press conference.

As the opening part, he said:

“I can leave a club where I can be proud of what’s behind me. There’s a fantastic structure and conditions for the next manager. I think I’ve been a little part of this club’s history and I’m proud of that.”

To a question what’s your message to your successor,  Arsene answered:

“Respect what has been built here and respect what people care about too. I think people have respected my honesty, my commitment and my values. I’d like that for my successor too.”

And what will be the boss' final team talk?

“I will say to the players that the best way to prepare for the future is to win their last game and go into next season with a positive mindset.”

What happens now?

"I will try and do my job until the last minute I work here, then I think about the future."

Are you emotional?

"I’m very passionate and at a young age I realised in this job I have to get control of my emotions or I will not survive. At 33 years of age I was responsible of a top team in France and I’m 68 today and have never stopped."

Most cherished moment?

"Maybe my first title here because I came here as an unknown.From 2006-2015 was certainly a period where i needed to be the strongest and did the best job.To work with restricted recourse and keep the club in a position to pay our debts back."

Wenger on his best Arsenal team

"2004. I loved the team in 98. They were an experienced team. We added a bit more exceptional quality in 2002 and 2004."

Wenger on managing England

"I don’t know. i’ve had the opportunity, but at the moment I’m behind Gareth Southgate - hopefully he stays for 22 years."


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