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Arsenal top – 4 chances rated by ex-Gunners star

Former Arsenal star Nigel Winterburn has spoken out on Gunners’ top – 4 chances.

Unai Emery’s side has gained 44 points in 23 matches and are 4 points below Chelsea.

Winterburn hopes to see Arsenal in Top – 4, but says there will be a competition between North London club, Chelsea and Manchester United.

“It’s almost about looking at a fight between Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea, United with Solskjaer in charge have come back with a storming run so it was so important for Arsenal to beat Chelsea because it gives them renewed belief that actually they can put a challenge in for that top four.” Winterburn told Love Sport Radio (via Mirror).

“It’s still going to be very very difficult but it’s all about belief and momentum. Arsenal have just got to string a run of games together to put themselves in a good position just like Manchester United have done in the last few weeks.”

When asked about Arsenal chances, he said: “I’d like to see, and I hope it will happen but I’ve no idea, is that coming into the last five games we’re in a position to get into that top four.

“I think it is fourth position. I think that is as realistic as we can be. I don’t see us being able to get any higher than that with the teams around us.

“So if we were to snatch that fourth place, that would be some progression but then we would need to see that progression the following season.

“From an Arsenal point of view, from a supporters’ point of view, we just want to see some progression and eventually getting back to challenging for the title but how long that is going to be is a question I wish I could answer for you!”

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