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Arsenal legend Wright insists Van Perise had right reasons to leave Arsenal

Arsenal legend Ian Wright Believes Robin van Persie was justified in his decision to leave Arsenal for Manchester United.

“It’s really hard for fans,” Wright told Goal.

“I do feel for Robin because he was so unfortunate with injuries at our club and he stayed as long as he could, he saw people leaving around him. Being an ex-player I can totally understand [his decision to leave] but coming from a fans point of view you can see why they would be very, very disappointed with the fact that he left and he went to Manchester United and won the title with them.

“Let’s face it, he won the title literally single-handedly for them. They would have loved him to stay and be fit enough to try and do that for Arsenal but it’s very difficult to say you want the fans to forgive him when he left and did exactly what he left for.”

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