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Who is Arsen Goulamirian? One of the French boxing stars is close to making another achievement

Professional boxer, WBA World Champion Arsen Goulamirian has a big name and influence in the boxing world. He is very known in France and those who love boxing, love Goulamirian.

Goulamirian is ranked as the world’s eighth-best active cruiserweight by American The Ring magazine.

His results so far are amazing  – 24 total fights, 24 wins, 16 out of which are won by KO.

Arsen was born in Armenia and he spent most of his childhood there. However, due to difficult social conditions, he and his family moved to France, when he was seven.

After a few years of playing football, Arsen eventually left the football field and at the age of 13 entered boxing hall for the first time and fell in love with the sport at first sight. And the success did not keep him wait long as 2 years later he became French Youth Champion as well as later he became double youth champion and cup holder.

In 2011 he left amateur boxing, due to disagreements with the federation and began his career in the professional field, determined to win all possible titles.

The Armenian boxer knocked out a Polish opponent in the opening fight, which was later followed by 13 victories, and in the professional ring, Goulamirian did not give a chance to Czech boxer Lubos Sudan as he won his first WBA title.

Arsen Goulamirian has always been proud of his Armenian roots. He usually speaks and mentions about Armenia during his interviews.

I fight under the French flag, but my heart is always under the Armenian flag. I always carry the Armenian flag in every fight. When the fight is over, I always have Armenian flag in my hands.

In 2018 Goulamirian knocked out German Ryad Merhy, in Marseille, France and became WBA interim Champion. Later he had to fight with Kazakh boxer Beibut Shumenov, however, the fight didn’t happen due to financial scandal. He then had to fight Denis Lebedev, however, the fight collapsed, as Lebedev decided to retire and the Super Champion title was handed to Goulamirian.

It’s already one year since Arsen Goulamirian hasn’t been to the ring, but the wait is almost over.

Feroz, which is Goulamirian’s nickname, will fight with Kane Watts on November 15. Watts has 21 wins and 3 defeats.

The main WBA event in Paris is unique to us for another reason: Armenian VBET is the WBA’s main partner and sponsor of the evening.

The odds suggested by VBET for the Goulamirian vs Watts fight you can find by following this link.