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Anthony Joshua reveals the key factor in gaining Andy Ruiz Jr. revenge

Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua weigh in

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Anthony Joshua has opened up on what played a huge role in gaining revenge over Andy Ruiz Jr. last December.

World heavyweight champion bounced back the man who rocked his world just six months before Saudi Arabia in NYC. And speaking about the shocking stoppage and the revenge, Joshua revealed what was most important factor in his redemption.

“I learned the art of bouncing back, most importantly,” he told Apple Music’s Songs For Life. “Trust your instincts. Trust my instincts. “So let’s say, when I reverted to when I was younger, I knew I shouldn’t be messing around. At the time, I should have trusted my instincts and known where I’m going and what I want to achieve and use that as my burning desire never to be sidetracked.

“So, in terms of when I lost to Andy Ruiz, I had to trust my instinct because there were certain aspects of my training and my training camps, how I wanted to develop as an athlete that was being challenged by other team members. But I knew what I needed to do.

“Where my instinct always is challenged sometimes when you’re fighting, and you’re training, I can’t always fight against my instincts as well. “So I just let other people use their instincts and I trusted them. So then that’s how they marry together now. Is you know when people are saying, “Trust me, bro, just this last time.” I say, “No, this is it.”


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