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Anthony Davis one-step from joining LeBron James

Anthony Davis is just one step away from joining LeBron James in the Los Angeles Lakers, but it could cost for the Western Conference franchise., according to the Lakers reporter Anthony Irwin.

“You have to wipe out the entire roster,” Irwin said on the Locked on Lakers podcast.

“You have those three guys, maybe a couple of draft picks if there’s room for them there. But you have to wipe out almost the entire roster and then surround them with veteran-minimum type contracts. Those three guys are good enough to make it work but that’s a very different way of building a team than the Lakers have done over the last six, seven years.

“This KD stuff is really fascinating… there’s a lot of smoke swirling around that team. His play has really fallen off since Dray called him the b-word and that’s worth monitoring. It’s worth monitoring how New Orleans plays over the course of the season because if they continue to decline and say AD starts getting frustrated… he’a Klutch client. That’s an e-mail away from LeBron. Because they’re under the same management it’s really easy to tamper and as we saw last year, I’m sure Magic probably did a little bit of tampering with LeBron.”

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