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Andy Robertson outlines “difficult situation” with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard

Andy Robertson during Liverpool training

Image source: (Image: Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Liverpool’s Andy Robertson believes one day Steven Gerrard could become his boss but has mixed feelings towards him.

There have been suggestions for Gerrard’s possible managerial future at Anfield, especially after his impressive results with Rangers that saw Celtic losing their dominance.

Most of the Reds back the former club star to lift the Championship trophy this term. However, it’s a difficult situation for Robertson as he is a boyhood Celtic fan.

“It’s a difficult situation isn’t it?” Robertson joked when speaking to Jamie Carragher on his Greatest Games Podcast.

“You come into Liverpool’s training ground. He’s plastered all over the place, everyone loves him, everyone wants him to do well.

I want him to do well…but I’ve been brought up as a Celtic fan to not like anything to do with Rangers.”

“So that’s an exclusive, Andy Robertson doesn’t like Steven Gerrard?” Carragher asked.

He added: “Not quite because I think he’ll end up here [Liverpool] one day. All jokes aside he’s done an unbelievable job up there.

“He’s took it to a new level this season and Celtic have struggled to keep up. Hopefully over the next six months Celtic close the gap and get to 10 in a row because it would be historic – but it’s not looking too likely now.”

Source: Mirror 

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