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Ander Herrera lifts the lid on why he left Manchester United for PSG

Ander Herrera during interview with the Athletic

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Ander Herrera has opened up on the reason behind his transfer from Manchester United to PSG.

The 31-year-old joined the French club back in 2019, after failing to agree on terms for a new contract with the Red Devils.

Now, as Herrera is set to face his former side in the Champions League on Tuesday, he explained his feelings in an interview with The Telegraph.

“My intention was not to leave the club and I was happy there – as happy as I am now here,” the Spaniard said.

“It was not a secret. I was negotiating for more than one year but I expected more from the board after my third season at the club when I was player of the year. They didn’t come to me that summer; they didn’t even call me. And that was very painful for me because I had a feeling that I was giving everything.

“In saying that I have a huge respect for [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward, a huge respect for the board. They have always treated me fantastically. I know they want the best for Manchester United but in football, in life and in every company in the world sometimes you don’t think the same way and I respect that.

“If I see Ed I will give him a hug. We just had different opinions about Manchester United and, in my opinion, what the club should have done.

“I want to make sure everyone understands there is nothing personal at all. That’s life. But it’s true – after the third season when I was player of the year, when I had the respect and the love from the fans, I didn’t feel that love from the club.”

Source: Daily Mail

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