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Alexandre Lacazette reveals how Unai Emery’s Arsenal are different to Arsene Wenger’s

Alexandre Lacazette scored the second goal in Arsenal 2-0 win over Newcastle.

Currently Unai Emery’s side is third in the league with 63 points and will be preparing to play against Everton on Sunday, April 7.

After the win, Lacazette has revealed how Emery’s Arsenal differs from Arsene Wenger’s claiming that they are more organised and playing with far more confidence this season.

“It was a big game tonight, a tough game,” said Lacazette. “The coach said we had to be patient and efficient in the box and we did that. It’s always like this against Newcastle. We are happy.”

“I can feel the difference in the atmosphere from last season, now we can maybe go to the Champions League,”continued Lacazette.

“The fans helped us to get third place. We work every day to be in third place, now we must stay in this position. I would like to score away from home too but if we win that’s all that is important. We are more confident. Everybody knows what we have to do.”

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