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Action and goals. Barcelona 2-2 Celta. All goals and highlights (video)

Spanish La Liga, Week 15

December 2, 11:00 AM CET 

Venue: Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain 

Referee: Mario Melero Lopez, Spain 

Goals: Iago Aspas 20′ (0-1), Lionel Messi 22′ (1-1), Luis Suarez 62′ (2-1), Maximiliano Gomez 70′ (2-2) 

Barcelona slipped up in a game against a mediocre, failing to win the home match against Celta. The Vigo side have been a tough opponent for Barcelona in the recent years, and this game did not turn out to be different from the trend set in the previous seasons.

The first goal in the match was scored after Iago Aspas received a through pass on the right wing and caught Barcelona defense on a failed artificial offside. Then he passed the ball to Maximiliano Gomez inside the penalty box, who shot right away, but Barcelona goalkeeper managed to save it, but the defense being too slow returning to their defense, did not managed to back up the goalkeeper, and Aspas took a second shot, finalizing the situation in a positive way for the guests.

Only two minutes ago Barcelona leader Lionel Messi was able to score an equalizer, as he shot the ball from the left of the penalty box after a combination Paulinho and Luiz Suarez created, getting rid of the ball fast enough to let Messi get the ball relatively free from defender protection.

Barcelona was then to establish their dominance by a goal created by Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba and finalized by Luis Suarez. Fast through pass to Jordi Alba on the left wing and then the pass to the center part of the penalty box for the Uruguay international to kill the deal.

However, Maximiliano Gomez’s goal did not let the Catalans accumulate three more points in their active. Samuel Umtiti picked up injury pain while trying to prevent Iago Aspas’s penetration from the right wing, failing to stop him. Penetration, a pass to Gomez who was waiting for the ball in the center. A similar scenario compared to the first goal of their and another success.

After this game Barcelona remained the leaders of the league table with 36 points, while Celta are the eighth with 18 points.