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7 new radical rule changes coming into Premier League next season

Along with the introduction of VAR, Premier League chiefs are set to introduce seven new rule changes from 2019/20 season.

  • Rule One- Substitutions

To prevent time-wasting, players will now have to leave the pitch at the nearest point.  Left-backs on the left side, for example.

  • Rule Two-Defensive wall

If there are more than three players in a defensive wall attacker are not allowed within one yard of the wall.

  • Rule Three-Drop balls

Instead of a drop ball, the last team to touch the ball will get possession. Another development is that if play is stopped with the ball in the penalty area, it will restart with the goalkeeper.

  • Rule Four-Penalties

Goalkeepers can’t touch the frame, have to have one boot touching the line and can’t stand behind the line. Keepers are also not allowed to feign movement one way in an attempt to bluff the taker.

  • Rule Five-Goal-Kicks

The ball is in play from the moment it is touched. This is to counter the high press – defenders will be able to collect the ball inside the area before the defending team has set and moved the ball quickly into midfield.

  • Rule Six-Accidental handball

From next year any goal scored from the arm-accidental or deliberate-will not count.

  • Rule Seven-Celebrations

A player is currently booked for any over-exuberant celebrations, jumping into the crowd or taking a shirt off and so on. The celebrating player will still be booked even if the goal has been disallowed.

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