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Yaya Toure backs Raheem Sterling by accusing football authorities of failing black players in racism fight

Yaya Toure has accused football’s governing bodies of failing black players in the fight against racism.

He backed Raheem Sterling who was racially abused by Montenegro fans and then demanded UEFA to take actions.

The ex-Manchester City star, who famously demanded UEFA action after bring abused in 2013, said: “They sit and they have their coffee, their wine.

“Then they hear a case like Raheem happening and they jump on the phone saying: ‘We have to have a meeting! We have to do something!’

“It shouldn’t work that way. We have to be proactive. Something that is seen. We have to be working before that kind of situation with Raheem is happening.”

Toure was speaking as he received an award for his campaigning from the anti-discrimination body Fare (Football Against Racism in Europe).

Toure, himself racially abused by CSKA Moscow fans in October 2013, added: “Now, maybe because of what is happening I would probably get the job.

“They’ll probably ask me to come and do this or that. But I’ve been there for how many years. I’ve been there. People only start to see it when something happens.”

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