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Premier League clubs agree on away ticket prices

Premier League clubs have unanimously agreed that matches will be frozen at at £30 for the next three years.

Fans called for a maximum price to be placed on travelling supporters with the cap brought in ahead of the 2016/17 season.

Before the rule came in, the most expensive adult away tickets in the Premier League were: Arsenal at £64, Liverpool at £52, Everton at £48, Manchester United at £46 and West Ham at £45.

A Football Supporters’ Federation spokesperson said: “We have always argued that away supporter attendance needs to be encouraged if the atmosphere and spectacle of a live match is to be sustained.

“There had been a rapid rise in away ticket costs for many supporters and the cap put a halt on that.

“However, we still believe more can be done and we call on the Premier League to look at ways to further reduce concessionary ticket costs and subsidise travel costs when games are moved for TV.”

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