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25-year-old Aston Villa man has ‘surprised’ Steven Gerrard in training session

25-year-old Aston Villa man has 'surprised' Steven Gerrard in training session

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Steven Gerrard has been ‘surprised’ by Ollie Watkins’ for self-improvement, as per The Athletic.

Last season Watkins managed to score only 6 goals, yet this term he has already netted 3 in 11 appearances.

According to The Athletic, the new Aston Villa boss has been ‘surprised’ by the 25-year-old’s tendency to demand more of himself on the training pitch.

It is understood that the forward is particularly critical of his own performances behind the scenes.

Therefore, his reluctance to let his own standards drop will certainly have done his reputation no harm in the eyes of a manager who demands blood, sweat and tears from every one of his players.

“Some of the qualities you see now in Ollie at Premier League level are some of the lasting images I have of him on a pitch playing for Exeter,” Kevin Nicholson, Watkins’ former coach at St James’ Park, told The Guardian a few months ago.


“He was always very hard-working, very determined. He was his own biggest critic. He would always come to you and challenge you as a coach, to continually help him to develop.  


“He would say: ‘What can I do better in this situation?’.” 


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