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2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup: Results for Matchday 10

Image source: Basketball World Cup Twitter account

FIBA Basketball World Cup continues in China as the second round has come to an end.

In the first game of today’s matchday Japan faced Montenegro. The game ended with Montenegro’s 80-65 victory.

Later Dominican Republic played against Lithuania and the game ended with Lithuania’s 74-55 win.

Here are all the results:

  • Japan 65-80 Montenegro
  • Dominican Republic 55-74 Lithuania
  • Jordan 79-77 Senegal
  • Czech Republic 77-84 Greece
  • Turkey 101-102 New Zealand
  • France 98-100 Australia
  • Germany 82-76 Canada
  • USA 89-73 Brazil

The quarter finals will begin on September 10 and the 2 games will be between Argentina vs Serbia and Spain vs Poland.

On September 11 USA will take on France, while Australia will play against Czech Republic.

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