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16 European gamers qualified for 2020’s Pro Draft Selection

Image source: Getty Images

16 European gamers have secured a place in the 2020’s Draft Selection with a chance of gaining a spot in the Global Series.

The eleven first choice finalists in the Global Series of this year’s MotoGP™ eSport Championship will be known, by Friday, 17 April.

22 of the world’s fastest gamers were entered into the Draft Selection, which runs from 5th to 17th of April and allows the eleven MotoGP teams to select one to represent them in the Global Series.

Sixteen of these gamers are from the European classification of the Global Series and the further six are made up of participants from the Rest of the World.

Only eleven will start the Global Series with a current MotoGP™ team, while the other eleven will be selected as a team’s ‘Reserve Rider’. There is a mixed selection of top level experience and new blood for the current MotoGP™ teams to choose from.

Here is the list of players qualified in European Pro Draft Classification:

1. Williams_Cristian – 70 points
2. Williams_Adrian – 70 points
3. fenny5vr46_ – 65 points
4. Riky – 61 points
5. EleGhosT555 – 61 points
6. Juan_nh16 – 56 points
7. Jack Hammer4658 – 49 points
8. AndrewZh – 49 points
9. JulitoCampeon15 – 42 points
10. trastevere73 – 42 points
11. Motero_1 – 40 points
12. XxBoMbeR_45xX – 39 points
13. Joel_Clay – 36 points
14. Davidegallina23 – 35 points
15. wallydj – 33 points
16. Vindex813 – 33 points

Source- MotoGP

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