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10 Little Known Facts about Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel holds all the records as a young driver. The German has managed to win four Formula One titles. With a bunch of records to his name, he is on his way to becoming a legend in the sport.

Vettel born on July 3, 1887, and grew up idolizing German racing icon, Michael Schumacher. He took up karting in 1995 and proved to have great talent. In 2014, he was awarded the ‘Laureus World Sports Award’ as sportsman of the year.

Regardless of which team he is racing for, Vettel remains one of the most popular and successful Formula One racers at the moment.

Here are 10 facts about Sebastian Vettel that not many people may know.

Vettel is a Fan of Enzo

Vettel has been fascinated by the life of Enzo Ferrari, and to that end, he devours any written material on Enzo.

“I’m fascinated by the vision of the man. Today the brand of Ferrari is known all over the world, it has global significance but back then, no one could have imagined that,” commented Vettel.

“It’s incredible that all of this came from the mind of one person. It’s a shame he’s not here anymore,” said Vettel, admiring his feats.

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