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10 Little Known Facts about Lewis Hamilton


He loves to go fast and he’s gotten into a little bit of trouble for it. In December of 2007 in France and just before the Australian Grand Prix in 2010, he was ticketed for speeding. If you’ve ever seen the collection of cars that he owns, he definitely owns cars that are able to perform. We’ve all felt the itch at some point to hit that gas pedal a little bit extra. Let’s face it—he loves to go fast, and he loves to do it as often as possible. He’s the type of person that drives by the motto “drive it like you stole it.” He may have gotten in trouble, but he has plenty of money to pay the fine.


There was a chance that Hamilton would’ve debuted in Formula One in 2004. After he had won the Formula 3 Bahrain Super Prix, the Williams team wanted to sign him to a contract, but there was a problem. BMW was the engine supplier for the team, and they refused to support him in his career. It’s a huge wonder what their reasoning was behind that, but I bet they regret that today. They could’ve been a part of a career that’ll go down in history as one of the greatest. Hamilton is a trailblazing racer who’s done incredible things for the sport of Formula One Racing.

Lewis Hamilton: ”Mick Schumacher has the talent to reach F1”

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