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10 Little Known Facts about Lewis Hamilton


After making his Formula 3 debut, Hamilton would improve and make his way to the top of the sport faster than any driver had. At the age of 18, he won his first serious European championship by winning the Formula Renault 2.0 UK Championship. He won this series with quite a points lead on all of the other drivers. There were 2 races left in the series, and he was ahead by so many points that there was no way anyone was going to catch him. Once he conquered this series, he made his way around to other Formula 3 series to stake his claim.


This Formula 3 series would be the final series for Hamilton to show what he was made of, and he would definitely make the most of it. While driving for ART Grand Prix in 2006, he would win the GP2 Series Championship, and it would only take him one attempt. He would win 5 races that season in his pursuit of the Championship. This definitely caught the attention of Formula One teams who already had their eyes on Hamilton. The following year would be the year when he would get to make his Formula One debut.

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