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Warriors coach Steve Kerr compares Stephen Curry and Steve Nash

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr during Warriors vs Grizzlies game

Image source: The Mercury News

Before he became Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr was the general manager of the Phoenix Suns during the time when Steve Nash was playing for the Suns.

On the “Runnin’ Plays” podcast with Kerith Burke and Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area, Steve Kerr shared a story about surfing with Nash and compared him with Stephen Curry.

Image source – Warriors Wire – USA Today

“He’s like Steve Nash in that regard. Steve Nash came out to visit me in San Diego, probably seven or eight years ago, and I used to surf at that time, and he had never surfed before. So he, he decided to paddle out, he said ‘well what do I do?’ and I’m not a very good surfer, but I tried to give him my advice. We paddle out there, and I said, ‘hey, just you know, paddle into this, you want to do is you turn the board and you paddle. And then you kind of stand, you know, you try to stand up, you pop up real quick and now it’s probably going to take a few times,’ and he’s like, ‘okay.’ The first wave comes he paddles twice he pops up he’s surfing. He surfs the thing all the way into the shore I’m like, ‘it took me like three weeks to do that.’,” said Kerr.

“Nash and Steph [Curry] are exactly the same way you just put a ball or a stick in their hand, whatever, whatever needs to be done, they’re going to figure out a way to do it. And Klay [Thompson] is like that too. Just unbelievable hand-eye coordination, and no matter what the sport is, they just know how to do it.”

source – WarriorsWire – USAToday

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