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NBA “considering canceling games”, the financial implications for LeBron James

LeBron James during Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia match

Image source: Getty Images

Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report has suggested that “it could be three or four years” until the NBA league returns in balance.

The league games have been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak since March 11, with an initial 4 week period. However, there are concerns over the league’s possible return.

On a recent episode of The Lake Lake Show podcast, Pincus has shared his thoughts, concerning the NBA season. He stated that a number of players and even stars like LeBron James will face financial implications should the games be cancelled.

He said: “Players typically get paid on the 1st and 15th of every month and the 1st would be a full check. But the league hasn’t committed to the 15th… it means they’re considering canceling games. Because by the rules, they can’t dock players for games that are rescheduled. They can only dock from players for games that are canceled.

If they were going down that path they might start with canceling a few games. Why cancel a lot, right? There’s no reason to until you have a better feel. I could see them canceling 3 games and start deducting 3 games worth of money from each player’s check. For someone like LeBron James, that’s in the neighbourhood of $400,000 per game. So you’re talking about deducting $1.2 million from LeBron’s check. So it’s not a small amount.”

Source: Talk Basket

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