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Jose Mourinho believes Mkhitaryan ‘wasn’t ready’ to play for Red Devils

Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho has explained the main issues that former player Henrikh Mkhitaryan faced during his time at the club and revealed he wasn’t ready to play for Manchester United.

Mkhitaryan joined Manchester United in 2016 and failed to change Mourinho’s attitude towards him which played a great role for him to make a decision of moving to Arsenal.

Speaking to Gary Lineker on the Premier League Show, the former Chelsea manager admitted Mkhitaryan was struggling to deal with the pace at Man Utd.

When asked if it is hard to keep players in the side when they are not starting, he said: “It is not hard, it is impossible.

“It depends on the nature of the player.

“The way Myhki dealt with it, is different to other players.

“He realized he was not ready for this reality – physical, mental, competitiveness.

“Also his body, to adapt to that intensity with little time to recover from match to match, is hard.”

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